Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many riders per class?

Our ideal number of riders is four per instructor, but depending on the class, that number may vary slightly.

How long are classes and lessons?

Sessions are typically 8 weeks long but are occasionally shorter due to holidays, weather, and facility availability. Each lesson is 45 minutes in length. That time includes the mounting and dismounting of all riders in that class and any other preparation that is needed by the students for that session for the day.

How much are lessons?

Each student is asked to pay the full session cost of $50 per lesson, which totals $400 for a six-week session. (We do provide need-based scholarships.) This small fee covers less than 25% of our operating costs.

When can I start?

That depends on what time slots we have open, and how flexible your availability is. There are a number of variables, but we do our best to get new participants in our programs as quickly as possible.

Program Operations

Sycamore Valley Equine Center operates year-round, Monday – Friday. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday and for most major holidays.